About Irish Gourmet Mushrooms

Irish Gourmet Mushrooms

Irish Gourmet Mushrooms was founded in 2018. Many different types of Gourmet Mushrooms are cultivated including King Oyster, Tree Oyster, Lion’s mane and others. They are grown without the use of chemicals.

Gourmet mushrooms are in demand, especially in the hospitality sector. Chefs are delighted to be able to source local produce which is of high quality and many of the Limerick hotels and restaurants have Irish Gourmet Mushrooms on their menu.

Mushrooms as a food are becoming more popular as consumers turn towards more vegetable-based meals for health reasons. They are a terrific food for vegetarians and vegans as they have a high protein content compared to other vegetables.

It is not that difficult to grow your own mushrooms at home. You just need to follow some basic rules. See our Online Shop with several items such as Grow Kits and wooden dowels to get you started. Click Here: https://www.irishgourmetmushrooms.ie/organic-mushrooms/

Happy and Healthy eating and growing !

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Thank you for the Pearl Oyster mushrooms. I added them to my risotto and they gave it a great flavour. What was left was added to our fry-up the next morning and they went down a treat with the whole family. Will definitely be buying more of these, well done to Irish Gourmet Mushrooms.

Patsy from Limerick