Grain Spawn


Grain Spawn is specially prepared grain used for further inoculation of substrate e.g. straw or supplemented sawdust. The grain used can be from wheat, oat, barley or rye.
Only top quality grain is selected when making Grain Spawn. Each grain has been hydrated to the desired percentage, then fully sterilized before inoculation with chosen mushroom culture. Each mushroom species has been purchased from a trusted breeder thus guaranteeing you get the best possible product.
Grain spawn can further inoculate other substrate e.g. pasteurized straw or sterilized hardwood.
Oyster species can be grown on many different types of substrate with simple pasteurization techniques using heat or lime. If the substrate is thoroughly clean simply hydrating the substrate before inoculation can be successful. Straw, sawdust, wood shavings, spent coffee grounds, cardboard and more can be used as substrate.
Working with fully sterilized substrate e.g. supplemented hardwood sawdust, requires 100% clean sterile environment or laboratory. Each bag of sterilized substrate must be inoculated and sealed in front of or down wind of a lamhar flowhood. This is essential when working with sterilized substrate.
After inoculation of grain spawn on to other pastuerized or sterilized substrate each individual grain acts as a capsule of mycelium.
As the Grain Spawn is broken up and evenly distributed throughout the bulk substrate each grain is a individual inoculation point for the mycelium with enough nutrition to spring back with vigorous growth.

Please Note: 2-3 weeks lead time as the spawn is freshly made with each order.


We deliver to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland only.

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