Wooden Dowels – Inoculated


Mushrooms can be grown on logs placed outside in stacks. Sterilisation is not performed with this method. Tree logs can be inoculated with wooden dowels, then allowed to grow as they would in wild conditions.

Fruiting or pinning is triggered by seasonal changes or by soaking in cool water. In order to produce mushrooms eg shitake or oyster, one-meter logs, 10-15 cm thick are inoculated with spawn dowels. This is done by filling each hole with a cultured dowel and then sealing each hole with hot wax. After inoculation logs are left to colonise for 12-18 months.

Please Note: 2-3 weeks lead time as the spawn is freshly made with each order. Sold in packs of 100.


We deliver to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland only.

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